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Benefits to you

  • You are freed up to do what you do best, run your company whilst we help you with your goals of being safe and legally complient.
  • Our first contact with you to establish your needs is free.
  • Services and costs can be spread if you wish. This can enable you to have access to help and advice at no extra cost whenever you need it.

And the overal benefits are

  • Your company gains an image for efficiency & care for clients and staff which in turn means an improved reputation.
  • Being legally compliant means avoidance of exposure to prosecutions which can result in imprisonment or massive fines. You also avoid being subject to orders to stop working and being placed on 'enforcement order' registers. Similarly, being compliant and safe avoids incidents and claims for damages.
  • Your staff feel cared for and morale improves which results in better attendance, loyalty and punctuality.
  • Improved loyalty leads to pride in quality of work.
  • A loyal work force develops increased staff retention and less need for supervision and quality control. Importantly, skilled staff are retained and become developed further rather than constantly training new staff.
  • Attention to health, safety and welfare results in less accidents and illness plus reduced exposure to consequences of breach of obligations.
  • Great HSW systems often generates reduced insurance premiums.
  • A growing positive reputation invariably develops an increase in client referrals, testimonials and uptake of bids for tenders and contracts.
  • Better attendance must mean reduced overheads for sick pay, overtime to fill in for absences, a reduction in administration time for accidents and sickness.
  • Fewer accidents and illnesses will have a knock on effect of less strain on medical services, the legal services and the tax payer.
  • Increased business inevitably leads to increased prosperity at all levels.