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CASE STUDIES - Some examples of our work



 Training services by The Safety Organisation Limited.

Here we have a great example of a client, Mintech Spares UK,  who is proud of their occupational safety and health training and awareness. They display their safety and health training certificates and qualifications prominently for all visitors and officials to see, alongside other examples of their professionalism and environmental accreditations.

Visitors are often heard commenting about the certificates and upon the standards of workmanship and layout of the premises, which is designed and operated to keep them safe as well as the workforce.

The certificates are for qualifying at Level 3 IOSH Managing Safely and for general awareness and compliance in respect of health and safety laws / hazards. Training here is an ongoing issue, not one which stops at displaying sheets of paper. They have a great and friendly culture which allows them to help each other if one fails to respond suitably to potential risks. 


Well done to Danny, Andy and the Team.




 To discuss training, lectures, presentations or toolbox talks requirements for yourself or your organisation, please just make contact. We would be delighted to have a no hard sell friendly chat. 



Muslim Lifestyle Festival 2015

Muslim Lifestyle Festival

Here is an example of a very dynamic exhibition.

This event contained many common elements of exhibition build and design as well as bright and interesting features. In essence this was a vivid combination of culture, commerce, community, entertainment and faith. This show was brought together by skilled event producers; Events Northern. We at the Safety Organisation provided Competent Support with occupational health, safety and welfare obligations.

TSO Health & Safety Support Services at (updated) Nissan Leaf Launch Event

TSO were delighted to assist DesignScene and Proud-Robinson to create a safe build and event alongside an uninterupted working production line at Nissan Motors, Sunderland. You may notice that the Prime Minister, David Cameron was also present and gave a short speech here at the production line. 


 The Safety Organisation provided health and safety advisory services for the build, which took place between production line activities. This included writing a health and safety 'manual' for the event as well as providing on site safety officer services.

Stage and Stage Set Safety Documentation

Stages and stage sets (temporary demountable structures) are clearly designed, built and taken down. Often they are rebuilt and taken down several times. It is essential then, that everyone knows their part in these processes and that all systems for safety as well as health etc are in place. This includes great plans, records of systems, competent people, checks and improvements. It also includes being able to show how these safe practices are put into effect and recorded. 

All of the stakeholders have a very real and often critical part to play. The commissioning client has an artistic interest as well as legal obligations to ensure that proper checks and standards are in place. The designers are critical to this process as even a small component failure can have a catostrophic effect and the construction team have their part to play in ensuring it is put together and taken apart properly using people who are competent, with all checks and records put into place. Even the venues share an interest as they also have legal responsibilities for the safety of people on their premises. They cannot simply be passed to tennants and forgotten about.

Here are two examples where The Safety Organisation has planned safety management systems for stage sets. the designers and makers of the stage sets was LS-LIVE (our clients for this purpose).

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The Script Tour

Phoenix Nights Tour, Manchester Arena




 Above: The Script at Glasgow SSE Hydro - on elevated stage.
Right: Phoenix Nights Live, Manchester Arena. In this opening scene, Peter Kay performs on an adapted stair-lift on a set specially constructed for this purpose. Not visible to the audience are  fall protection and rescue systems.

Volvo V40 dealers launch

We had to keep this event 'under wraps' for quite a while due to the confidential nature of the product launch but we are proud to say we worked with the Line Up event production team to provide on-site safety services at the launch-to-dealers of the new Volvo V40 car at a confidential location in Europe.

The event was attended by hundreds of dealers, who were given presentations and were able to get up close to and drive the car in a professional and inherently safe way.