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Muslim Lifestyle Festival 2015

Muslim Lifestyle Festival

Here is an example of a very dynamic exhibition.

This event contained many common elements of exhibition build and design as well as bright and interesting features. In essence this was a vivid combination of culture, commerce, community, entertainment and faith. This show was brought together by skilled event producers; Events Northern. We at the Safety Organisation provided Competent Support with occupational health, safety and welfare obligations.

Safety Advisor Skills

For us the skills are related to our learning over many years and practice in applying that knowledge. In practice this includes areas such as health, welfare and safety laws relating to events construction, mixed work zones and public areas. This enables us to provide reliable advice, essential supporting records / systems and on site exihibition safety advisors. Our over-riding principle is just the same as our clients; to provide a quality event which is fully compliant.


Interesting use of shell scheme

Above is an example of the dynamic effects which can be achieved with quite basic exhibition units, which are also low risk in terms of installation activities. 


Complex use of shell scheme

More complex use of 'shell scheme' units.

In the example above, the exhibitors went to great effort to personalise their space to replicate the image of their shops. To do this requires a little more application of occupational safety and health practices due to the building work and activities in respect of food safety. 

 Oriental themed rest area (shown above).

This effect was created within a simple marquee. The company here ensured that all fire and electrical safety elements were addressed, which resulted in a very safe and suitable replication of a Morroccan desert tent. 


Electric Tesla performance car

Presence of motor vehicles at events

The presence of motor vehicles at events can present certain hazards which need to be carefully addressed. They include movement of the vehicles into and out of the venue, fire hazards and accidental movements of the vehicles.

This show also featured some high quality vehicles and much more. The skills with this type of work are to keep all of the various types of workers safe but at the same time to bear in mind that others are present who are not used to construction site conditions. The product, if all is taken into account, planned, documented and executed well is a bright and interesting show which is safe for the public and is a credit to all of those involved in organising and producing the event.


Assistance with your event

For competent advice, often referred to variously as floor manager, NEBOSH representative but more correctly as occupational safety, health and welfare advisors, please contact us. We can provide highly qualified and experienced people to assist you to comply with all legalities from planning to breakdown stages and provid on-site Advisor/safety officer services during your event.