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CASE STUDIES - Some examples of our work

W.H.O. Conference

W.H.O. Conference at Westminster Conference Centre. Clients Cntre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moore's University and Events Northern Limted.

The photo below is that of the evening social event which took place at the iconic Natural History Museum, London.


At his event, The Safety Organisation's clients were especially mindful that Occupational Health and Safety is part of The World Health Organisation's core focuses and that their reputation also rests upon how such events are organised and managed. We assisted the organisers to plan, record and manage safety, health and welfare at multiple locations throughout all phases of the event, from planning, to installation, to execution and breakdown. We are pleased to confirm that all went well and the organisers and clients alike were delighted with the success of the event, including the not-so-obvious OHS arrangements. 

Manchester Chinese New Year

Manchester's Chinese New Year festivities, attended by an estimated 70,000 people each year.  

Full safety consultancy and safety officer services were provided for several years.

This enabled the establishment of a plan to generate annual event safety management systems.

This was a particularly sensitive task bearing in mind the potential for a very dense crowd and the needs to operate the event and provide for emergencies.


Camper Jam Rally, Weston Park

Camper Jam Rally, Weston Park. Full consultancy & safety officer services from planning stages to build and throught the period of the event (3 days)

This event was not just a matter of planning and execution for staff and visitors; the visitors remained on site, round-the-clock for up to three days. All of their needs welfare as well as health, safety and entertainment had to be provided to a high standard.


Manchester St Patricks Day

Manchester's St Patricks Day - Provision of safe systems for the procession and for crowd safety devised for the organisers and Manchester City Council to establish procedures to be re-used annually.

This is attended by an estimated 70,000 people each year.  Full safety consultancy and safety officer services.


Charity Concerts

The build of charity concert, for our client, Designscene UK.

The events are typically attended by Over 1,000 guests.

The venue is Olympia, London.

Safety consultant and safety officer services were provided for all phases of the event and an event safety management manual was produced this and for each event.

Planning and watching for health and safety matters is of the essence at events such as this. Our clients are great event planners and have a good knowledge of safety. We take H & S to a higher level and let our clients just get on with doing what they do best; provide a wonderful event.  

We trust that our advice before during and after such events enables event commissioners, sponsors and visitors alike to feel that everything is taken care of and that everyone is working or 'playing' in a 'tight', safe environment.