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CASE STUDIES - Some examples of our work

M&S Staff Training Event

Earls Court, M &S staff training event - over 4,000 delegates (Safety officer for Logistik Ltd & Ronin Events Services).

As safety officers, we help contractors to work safely and our clients to fulfil their obligations of care and adherence to the miriad features of legislation. The trick to doing this effectively is to work as a part of the team, with a common goal but at the same time remembering that the consequences of not getting things right can be extremely grave.


Manchester & Salford University Boat Races

Safety Consultant & safety officer, Manchester & Salford University Boat Races (photo is of dragon boats section of event)

This event, especially when incorporating extra features such as dragon boats racing and other quayside attractions puts forward some interesting hazards and areas for problem solving. Examples include the proximity of the public and athletes to very cold water, which is deep enough to accommodate ocean-going vessels.