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Stage and Stage Set Safety Documentation

Stages and stage sets (temporary demountable structures) are clearly designed, built and taken down. Often they are rebuilt and taken down several times. It is essential then, that everyone knows their part in these processes and that all systems for safety as well as health etc are in place. This includes great plans, records of systems, competent people, checks and improvements. It also includes being able to show how these safe practices are put into effect and recorded. 

All of the stakeholders have a very real and often critical part to play. The commissioning client has an artistic interest as well as legal obligations to ensure that proper checks and standards are in place. The designers are critical to this process as even a small component failure can have a catostrophic effect and the construction team have their part to play in ensuring it is put together and taken apart properly using people who are competent, with all checks and records put into place. Even the venues share an interest as they also have legal responsibilities for the safety of people on their premises. They cannot simply be passed to tennants and forgotten about.

Here are two examples where The Safety Organisation has planned safety management systems for stage sets. the designers and makers of the stage sets was LS-LIVE (our clients for this purpose).

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The Script Tour

Phoenix Nights Tour, Manchester Arena




 Above: The Script at Glasgow SSE Hydro - on elevated stage.
Right: Phoenix Nights Live, Manchester Arena. In this opening scene, Peter Kay performs on an adapted stair-lift on a set specially constructed for this purpose. Not visible to the audience are  fall protection and rescue systems.