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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety TrainingTo best provide for your requirements, our training is delivered by very experienced and highly qualified occupational safety practitioners. In short, they don't only teach the subject, they practice it too. 

We can deliver your accredited occupational health and safety training courses for most general work types AND we can also deliver those to you, which are designed or adapted for people working in the live event industry.

We are flexible and will deliver training in any suitable place, to suit your needs.

We encourage clients to have us tailor lectures and training sessions to meet their needs to better meet their compliance requirements. Custom designed training can help us to concentrate on what people actually do rather than what they might do. 

Perhaps you have a need for a course to be provided which is not 'off-the-shelf?'. We would be delighted to chat with you about developing training which suits your needs.

For continued staff development we can provide you with a selection of 'tool-box talks' which are suitable to cover many kinds of hazards.

Why not mix and match courses to cover essential knowledge and other key areas.

Accredited Health & Safety Training Courses


Health & Safety Training, Lectures & Seminars

It is possible that not all of your training needs must be formally accredited. Sometimes it is entirely suitable to deliver other forms of training to suit your circumstances; where a good level of awareness is necessary.  Let us compile a course to match what you do or we can often adapt an existing course to suit your needs. 

Please click on the links below to learn more about the non accredited health and safety training provided.