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Live Event Health & Safety

liveevents-largeThe Safety Organisation specialises in assisting clients through the maze of planning for live event health & safety, welfare, traffic management, crowd safety, emergency planning and lots more. For the live event organiser this is a massive and time consuming burden when time and energy can be best spent doing what you do best - providing a terrific service for your customer, your guests or perhaps the public. Have a look below and out our list of laws and regulations to see just how complicated thing can be. 

All of us here at T.S.O. are highly qualified and experienced in occupational safety and health at live events (meet the team) so we are best placed to support you and to be regarded as your competent advisors or safety officers. 

We try to simplify things, take on roles and free you up to do just that and add a quality service to you which has been developed by way of years of training, listening to clients, reflection and experience.

Services provided from concept to completion of all types of events. Examples of the services needed includes;

  • Assistance at planning meetings and site 'recces'.
  • Working with you with with statutory bodies
  • Production of health and safety management documents. Including your :-

    • Risk assessments
    • Emergency procedures
    • CDM support
    • Fire safety risk assessments
    • Medical arrangements
    • Traffic management
    • Site safety officer
    • Crowd management plans
    • Event management overview
    • Collation and review of your contractors' documents and lots more.

Are you a provider of technical services at live events? You might like to consider the benefits of having someone take care of your audits, providing you with advice for any gaps in your systems and of course, training needs. This is available also as a retained service, where we can visit you and also be available to give advice or if the worst happens, for accident investigation etc.