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Another financial reason to get H & S right

It is now announced that from April 6 2012, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) plans to charge companies £124 an hour for any advice it gives following the discovery of a material breach during a site inspection. This new 'fees-clock' will start ticking the moment an improvement or enforcement notice is served or an email or letter sent.

Local authorities will be excluded from the charges and it’s understood that self-employed sub-contractors will also be exempt.

The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulation 2012 will allow the HSE to recover any costs incurred following the discovery of health and safety breaches on site. 

Whilst there is some criticism of the short period for implementation after consultation, it is nevertheless almost upon us and it does not take an expert mathematician to work out how much can be saved by investing time now, rather than paying fees later.

As an example, a day of advice may cost you £400 from an external source, or one day's pay for work by a competent employee, as opposed to (almost) £1,000 for 8 hours from the HSE as a result of this new regulation.