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Back and in action again

Just a quick note to let you know that the blog is ‘open for business’ once again.

The motor sports event, in France went really well and much was learned from some new experiences.

Our severe weather planning and show-hold systems had to be put into place at very short notice and worked well. It is essential to have them. Our frequent checks of local weather forecasts therefore proved very useful.

As per the forecasts, we had extreme heat, electrical storms, heavy rain and some on-site flooding – all on the same day. However, the hail which accompanied this recipe of what nature can throw at you, the severity of which I had never experienced, did not appear on any forecasts and sent everyone for cover (dealt with in the safety plan). It really did kill 2 birds in flight within a few yards of where some of us were standing and cause significant damage to motor vehicle panels.

Just four more events to go now in this series of five events.