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lithium battery danger if swallowed



It is very easy to create a wave of panic sometimes. But sometimes good information does need to be spread and awareness levels raised quickly. This is one of those fitting into the second category. Learn and pass-on.

The simple message is that small disc shaped (lithium) batteries when swallowed set up electrical currents which produce sodium hydroxide - CAUSTIC SODA. Caustic soda in its commercial form is a powerful agent which can be used for a number of purposes, including clearing drains.

There have apparantly been two instances of infant deaths in recent times caused by catastrophic bleeding due to this cause. Children who have survived have sustained life changing injuries.

So please, these small batteries are not just a choking hazard, even after a short time inside the body they can cause very serious injuries. Please also treat them in the same way you would treat any other dangerous chemicals. If you must have them, then keep them in a secure place where infants and children cannot get to them and suitably and safely dispose of them as soon as they are not needed.

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