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CDM Regulations


If you have any temporary structures at your event which are anything more complex than (for example) an exhibition shell scheme or a marquee, there is a good chance that The CDM Regulations will apply to you.


If you were  complying with CONSTRUCTION, DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS  2007  (EU Directive 92/57/EEC; the so-called Construction Sites Directive), then you won’t have much to do or learn when the revised Construction Design and management Regulations 2015 version of the Regulations is introduced on 6th April this year.


If you were not previously compliant, don’t worry but if you are either an event producer, a production company, a main contractor or a company which is involved in the design of a temporary structure, then  you really must know where you stand in law as a DUTY HOLDER and what you need to do to fulfill your obligations. The lists of duties are specified within the regulations. I have purposely avoided the official jargon/titles here to try to help to simplify things.


In case you think that the C.D.M. Regulations apply to the construction industry, yes you are quite right. The big mistake made by the events industry until recently was assuming that they do not apply ‘to us’. But they probably do -  depending upon your activities/event features.

If the regulations apply to your work, then at least part of your event site is effectively a construction during the build and breakdown phases. Your paperwork must also relate to additional requirements (for example, design), in addition to those which would normally accompany the safety management of H & S at Work. The enforcing authority during these phases or if there is an (relevant) incident, for instance structural failure, is the Health and Safety Executive.

To learn more, a great place to start is the Health and Safety Executive web site (, as they have some great advice and information. If you are starting from scratch or if you do not have a person within your organisation with learning, skills and experience of the application of this law, you will probably need some outside help. For professionals with the right skills, this is not an onerous task and they will be able to help you to remain both compliant as well as safe. By way of example, our company has undertaken two contracts in recent times for C.D.M. compliance studies and to produce relevant paperwork for two arena-use stages / stage features. One only took a day of work and the other, which was more complex, only two days. (It is for duty holders to comply with their safety management details and specifications as described within the paperwork).


Please contact The Safety Organisation on any of the contacts (above right) to learn how we can help you with your own events CDM Regulations compliance or for any other help with health, safety & welfare systems and training requirements