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Checklist of 10 safety management factors

Our last news item was based upon research from incidents, accidents and major incidents - it was a list of 10 bad management practices which were found to be cause factors of those negative occurrences. They have a very serious side as most of the factors have a direct impact upon legality.

But what if we turn those negative features around to positive ones? Think of the benefits if they were put into practice? Please take out a few moments to think about these questions but relate them to safety, health, welfare and environmental issues in your business.

  • How many of the factors on the accompanying image relate to you or are true for what you actively do?
  • What can you do to make them all apply to you?
  • Can you develop your managers, supervisors and workforce fit the below model?
  • How might doing this help your business?
  • What impression might this have on your clients - especially if you try to make them aware?

If this concept is new to you, you might like to keep this mind map handy. You can then tick off what you do now and then make to rest a series of goals, with your own time scale. 

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