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CIEH, NW ENGLAND, Trainers Forum

Maybe you have never heard of the CIEH - or to give it its full title, The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. But it has been at the forefront of environmental and public health in the UK for over 130 years.

It's market-leading qualifications help organisations and employees in a variety of sectors in over 50 countries.

And over 10 million people around the world hold a CIEH qualification.

Their qualifications help organisations and employees in a variety of sectors in over 50 countries.

And - all of their profits are channelled back into their charity arm to fund research and policy development in the pursuit of advancing public and environmental health worldwide.

Our company is one of the training outlets of the CIEH and we have 7 of their workplace safety qualifications  in our portfolio of accredited training to offer.

All CIEH training centres and trainers are licensed on an annual basis and audited from time to time, so standards are high.

Keeping Training Skills Sharp

Part of what CIEH trainers do is to get together from time to time, normally two to three times each year to swap thoughts and ideas on training and receive updates from the CIEH on changes and developments. Yesterday was one of those occasions for the NW of England group.

For example we shared ideas about what makes a great presenter, which is very different to a great trainer (something which can be easy to forget), how to avoid setting ourselves traps of distancing ourselves from students (very easy to do) and sharing ideas on how to keep students interested, even when the subject is really 'dry'. Of course we also received updates directly from the CIEH, who normally send someone from HQ in London to keep us abreast of developments in new courses, changes to courses, training aids and so-on.

Unlike most learning sessions for professionals, these sessions are free to attend. But trainers do give up their valuable time and travel to these Forums as part of their commitment to improving their services. It is really worthwhile though as their is a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap when such groups get together to co-operate in this way. Wow!

Well done to all who attended and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

To see what CIEH courses we can offer, please have a look at our pages on this subject. We would be delighted to let you have more information if you would like to email or give us a ring.