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INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ADVICE - Exhibitions, shows, conferences and corporate events

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Dedicated Safety Advisor

If you are an event organiser and your work includes exhibitions, shows, conferences or other commercial public activities, you will probably have been advised at some point that you need to have a dedicated safety person present at key times and/or alongside you to provide skills you may not have within your team. These are normally build and breakdown periods but they can also extend to the full tennancy period (or even 'the full package'). Our advice is that, professional advice should be available from event concept time, especially with larger / complex events, non-standard events and events where the public are around or might be affected. For these more complex activities, there is a very real need to work closely with an experienced Advisor, who will help you with decision making, paperwork and overseeing activities, all the way from planning phase through to post event review.

Why use an 'outsider'?

Why is there a need for outside help, especially when things have always gone well before, and without help? After all, you and your team have masses of experience and you probably have people with degrees in event management. The requirement for independant support may be for a number of reasons, all intended to keep  large groups of people, whether workers or the public safe. This is so that plans for health, safety and welfare are ensured and so that on-the-spot professional advice is available when it is needed. Also, it is often the case that your activities are associated with construction work. Although, digging, cement and sand are not features which go with these events (well, not normally), the combination of the movement of vehicles, use of plant, erection of temporary structures (etc) certainly do. And so, legal requirements for suitable supervision and checks and advice do need to be put into place.

Don't leave it too late

Some of the enquiries for services we receive are quite late in the day. We cannot comment on the reasons why but suffice to say that budgets have not allowed for this, so we would advise that this is an important item to factor in at the time you are quoting the client for the contract. What we can say is that once arrangements have been made, they are very difficult to undo and they can be embarrassing, illegal or dangerous.

Perhaps you have been told that you must use an Advisor

Often venues or safety advisory groups may tell you that you need to have a "competent safety representative". Competence in this sense means suitably qualified, with relevant and sufficient experience.  A National General Certificate in health and safety is the lowest qualification we would suggest is suitable. In terms of experience you should look for people with a wide 'portfolio' of events experienes and practically acquired learning. This might include for example, exhibitions, product launches, concerts, processions, presence of special effects and significant audiences or public attendance. That way, you should be comfortable that the advice you receive is not just theory, it is also learned at the 'work-face'.

What to look for in an Advisor

Here at T.S.O. all of our Advisors hold higher qualifications than general certificate level, as well as other qualifications, accreditations, memberships of professional bodies and years of dedicated and wide ranging events and work place experience. We also carry insurances, including the absolutely essential Professional Indemnity insurance.To add to that, we are an accredited training company and can relate to the latest updates in laws, codes of practice and awareness of recent incidents.

 Discounted costs

Many of our clients come back to us year after year and we offer generous discounts where we are retained service providers or where we provide services for multiple events.

How to contact us or learn more about us

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