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Dad's Injuries


My Dad passed away just a few years ago and the anniversary of his death was a couple of days ago.

Oh, thanks for sharing that with us, how morbid you might think? But no, there is a lot of pleasure in recalling the memories as well. Which is what has prompted this 'blog' entry.

As a boy, I can remember Dad coming home from work, often with his latest stitched up injury. He worked in Lancashire cotton mills and was often struck by an item of machinery or suffered contact injuries from sharp items. Often it was his hands, sometimes his head. His most spectacular work related injury was a broken arm (I won't go into the nasty details) when he tripped over something. As kids, we revelled in the gore. Not so good for him; time off work, pain and recovery time etc.

I also use this story when delivering training to talk about how things were, pre-Health and Safety at Work Act, when people wanted to be cared for and valued and the expression 'bureaucracy-gone-mad' had probably never been uttered on the 'shop floor'.

I also go on to explain how this fits in to getting systems right today. My Dad survived without being really seriously injured but it was quite clear that his employers weren't too keen on improving their systems, even when they had the evidence to show that they were not safe and were not working, except to make money for the company. 

So what is the relevance of this today? Well, we now have lots of legislation to help people to stay safe and at the same time, enable businesses to work smarter, safer and as a consequence, have a great reputation. It is all about priorities, great systems, balances and developing as you go along. They are not bureaucracy gone made at all; if properly used.

These systems are easily learned and put into practice. At operator level, there are lots of courses, such as safety passport courses to get things 'running' and for business operators and supervisors, we would suggest the IOSH, Managing Safely Course. If your workplace is very large, complex or perhaps you have never had chance to get your policies and systems off the ground, we can help you with that too, either as a one off, or as a retained COMPETENT PERSON, with ongoing support.