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Do you know about the Event Safety Guide?

It is no great shame if you don’t know about The Event Safety Guide (Health and Safety Guidance Document 195, often just referred to as HSG195 – or The Purple Guide), currently published by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. Most people working in the events industry in the UK do know of it. Some regularly comply with it, some refer to it on occasions but  we often find many people within event workforces and sometimes event organisers who don’t know of it.

It is perhaps a little ironic that whilst the document is experiencing a surge of international publicity, it is due to be re-published and brought up to date to include some obvious missing factors/points learned from incidents/ and newer laws.

Here at TSO, we encourage all to make use of a free online version of the current document. If you then feel that you then need any support or training, you just need to make touch with us. You can find it at;

Also, in case you are not already aware, you can also find your way to (free downloads of other laws and guidelines via the HSE web site.