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Employers’ Liability Insurance

I have just been reading up on a case which went to court towards the end of 2011.

The successful prosecution, in Lancashire, England, was centred around the fact that certain employers deliberately failed to insure their employees. Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance is a legal duty of every firm, which cannot be discounted. Companies must buy insurance(s) to protect their staff in case of them developing serious sickness or suffering an injury at work.

Part of the duties of event organisers is to either ensure that their employees (paid or otherwise) and people that they hire (contractors) are suitably insured for employee liability cover.

Now here is the issue, have you (or your service providers/contractors) changed your activities since you first applied for your employee liability cover? How do you check this? Do you stick to your contracted work areas? Do you say no to undeclared activities or maybe you arrange to extend your cover?

The moral of the questions? Failing to insure might lead to a criminal prosecution and/or claims for damages against the company for uninsured incidents. If your current insurance declaration does not include new or additional activities then perhaps now is the time to follow this up.