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Enforcement charges are just about to become a whole lot more expensive

For those in the UK, breaches of health and safety at work laws will become subject to add-on ‘admin’ fees by the enforcement agency, the HSE from the 1st October 2012.

This means that on top of any other courses of action against an ‘offender’ such as improvement notices, enforcement notices, prosecutions, fines, claims for compensation, the HSE will be able to claim back their overheads at the rate of £124 per hour.

This can cost the offender anything from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands on top of sanctions. It is enforceable via civil courts if not paid, which of course could cause anyone without sufficient funds to close down if they were unable to meet the bill in full.

Quite a sobering thought.

I have written a more comprehensive article at the below link, to the Event Industry News (online magazine). There you will also find a link to the HSE guidelines on the subject.