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For great safety and health compliance - Introduction to our 10 days of tips



Today  we start our first of 10 advice style news blogs on safety and health at exhibitions and conferences. The advice is based upon the industry’s official guidance document (The g-Guide), though it is not entirely confined to the subject headings within and will also contain useful tips from our experience and learning.


The g-Guide, in case you are not familiar with it is the Guide to Global Standards of Health and Safety at Exhibitions and Conferences, endorsed now by most major venues and major exhibitions suppliers / organisers.


In our advice blogs we will take you from Responsibilities (policies, guidelines, safeguarding and other compliances) via floor management ,  necessary checks and records, through to the specialist area of Fire Safety. 


Day 1 (Responsibilties)


This is a great starting point because if responsibilities are understood, they can be thought through and planned in from the start. Many venues now are asking for evidence of this and also to ensure that a competent floor manager (more on this on Wednesday) is appointed to provide on site 'eyes'. 

The g-Guide, tells readers that it is necessary to comply with Laws, Codes of Practice and duties of care, that you should have the following in place, even for low risk events:

  • A health and safety policy (this sets down how you will deal with obligations from a stragegic level).
  • Risk assessments and safe systems of work. This means all hazards recognised and plans in place describing how they will be operating at this (specific) event.
  • Checks andways of improving systems if necessary and records you will have in place.

We hope that this is of use to you as an introduction to the subject. Our next subject will be duties of the Operations Manager.

Remember, this is item 1 in this series, click on our news / blog page to see others as they will appear.


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