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 complex exhibition stand



This last item is often one which isoften not sufficiently considered. That is the bespoke stand.

Other than shell schemes and other very basic structures, it is quite likely that the 'mystery' space only, yet to be declared design is likely to fall under the remit of CONSTRUCTION, DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS (often referred to as CDM). It is incrediblly important that all exhibitors commit to  site safety systems before it is too late. That means that all intentions and plans are declared and agreed at an early stage. The last thing that anyone wants is a dispute about even simple things such as an overloaded table, naked flames, exhibit creep outside of the footprint of the stand or other areas which could have been discussed and ironed out earlier. It is paramount then that all stand plans must be submitted to the organiser well in advance.

For space only stands; not complex structures, organisers will need:

  • detailed drawings
  • details of materials to be used
  • risk assessments and method statements for all work and fire safety management issues

 Complex structures. Will include features which require structural calculations (load bearing details) multi-story stands, exhibits over 4m high, suspended items, lighting/sound towers and tiered seating.

Organisers will require many details of complex structures. There are some of them;

  • detailed plans
  • loading details
  • specifications of materials
  • fire safety and emergency facilities including gangways
  • confirmations from structural engineers 

The g-Guide contains lots more information, detailed in section 7. 


in closing this news / blog item. We at The Safety Organisation hope that this series of 10 blogs on the subject of safety and health for exhibitions and conferences has been of some interest to you. It is only intended as an introduction to the subject and to learn more, please go the G-Guide itself to read it in full context. It must be stressed also that this guidance document itself is only an overview of the knowledge and skills needed to cover a complex field around organising these types of events. The full spectrum of knowledge is probably outside that held in the brain of any one individual, so please don't be hard on yourself or aloof from seeking suport from the right 'people'. In our ordinary life we accept that we need to use solicitors, motor mechanics, plumbers, doctors and so-on. So please, do make sure that you have the right skills-set to help you with the technicalities and legalities for your exhibition or conference. 

Remember, start to plan early so that you can anticipate the full extent of the work and so that you can set the right budget. The rest won't be easy but it should not involve harm to anyone.


Good luck and please make contact with us so that we can offer our knowledge and experience to add to the quality of your work.