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Exploding fork-lifts!

Well, it’s not quite so bad…

However, concerns have recently been raised that people are buying second-hand explosion-proof forklifts, that have not been properly maintained. There are warnings that some of these vehicles are so old that they are not ATEX-compliant, meaning they don’t meet industry standards.

It seems that buyers are faced with increasing availability through auction websites, or through dealers and traders.

Companies that own, lease, or hire any type of forklift have an obligation to ensure that these vehicles hold a valid annual report of thorough examination. If the truck is explosion-proof, a series of safety-system checks should be carried out by a competent person. An annual safety audit would ensure that the explosion-proof safety system is still safe. This audit looks at the safety system in detail with thorough inspection of all safety-critical components, and checking there are no sources of ignition, such as heat, sparks, or other forms of energy. A certificate is awarded if the truck is deemed safe and passes all checks. If there is an explosion resulting from the use of such a type of plant vehicle, an investigation will look at the history, service regimes, parts used, if the engineer was trained, and when it was last audited by an independent inspector. If all is not as it should be, there may be a serious risk to life and limb and a prosecution may follow

As hirers and users within the events industry and elsewhere, are sufficient checks for worthiness undertaken or asked for I wonder?

(source, SHP)