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Seasonal Advice and a Timely Warning

Flip-flop sandals or safety footwear. An easy decision when it is too late to turn the clock back.


A potential client asked us for advice about how can they enforce the wearing of personal protective equipment when temperatures are at or close to 30C. After all, don't they need to consider heat exhaustion, comfort and so-on?

Accompanying the contact was a photograph, which I have permission to use, of what had happened earlier in the day when one of the workers dropped a tool onto his big toe. Fortunately nothing was broken but this served as a timely warning to the worker and a call to duty to the employer.

In short, the employer has to a legal duty to protect the workforce and to supply the right equipment, protective clothing and protective measures to keep them safe. Employees have a legal duty to keep themselves safe and to follow instructions given to them by their employers for this purpose. Easy so far.

But what about the hot weather? Hot weather has little bearing upon the wearing of suitable safety footwear or on the need to keep skin protected or on many other safety factors as well. Other arrangements to keep people hydrated, prevention of heat-stroke and sunburn can be  devised and applied with a little thought and good communications with the workforce.

We will come back to the subject of personal protective equipment (PPE) on another blog soon.


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