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Health and Safety Week 2014

The UK has reduced the number of fatal accidents in the workplace by 85% since the introduction of laws in 1974. Quite a success but we should not be complacent. Deaths, injuries and work related illnesses still happen.

This week is Health and Safety Week 2014. This is a terrific idea which The Safety Organisation supports enthusiastically. 

That is okay you might say but it does not really affect us. Our answer is, make it affect you. You don't have to do much.

As an example, why not just simply have a suggestion scheme? Ask employees for their input into, what can be done to improve the health, safety or welfare of your organisation? Let us know if you get any interesting feedback and we will aim to publish a newsletter with some of the results. We won't mention your company name if you prefer us not to.

Good luck and stay safe and well.

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