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How do you turn a working car production line into a quality event?

Well, if you want to know the answer to that, you need to ask our clients ‘Tils Keskin of DesignScene Limited  and Phil Beavan of Proud-Robinson. After all, it was their ‘baby’.

However, if you want expert assistance on the health, safety and welfare aspects of creating a product launch, alongside a working car production line, then we are the people to ask.

The Safety Organisation helped our clients to do just this, in the Nissan plant, Sunderland. Nissan, by the way, have a zero tolerance to accidents and incidents, so of course would accept nothing less than the best systems and practices.

Now add to that, the fact that this was the launch of their ‘flagship’, zero emissions Nissan Leaf by none other than the Prime Minister, David Cameron and the full picture begins to emerge.

YouTube Link:       Prime Minister at Nissan Motors Plant

We are please to tell you that not only did we achieve that goal, we did that without upsetting the work force, who continued their 24 hours per day processes without any interruptions.


For assistance with your event, whatever it may be, we are here to help.