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How well do you sustain? (ISO20121)

Sustainability, in all its senses used to be ‘flavour of the day’ but seems to have become lower profile recently, which is a great shame for us all.

Thank goodness a team of people, headed up by Crewsaders (event crew providers)  have got together to promote the need to keep this issue as a priority. They have produced a video which van be viewed on YouTube in which they provide some practical examples of what can be done with just a little effort to avoid the use of resources, how to re-use, recycle and keep great relationships with clients.

Hats off to all involved. For our part, we are mainly office based but by working from our homes and having great communications, especially video conferencing, avoidance of printing etc, we reduce lots of extra on-costs/uses of energy and we always try to use public transport or ‘double up’ to save road fuel.

In addition, we offer a service to deliver the CIEH level 2 course, Environmental Principles and Best Practice, designed mainly for those who run or manage organisations.


Have a look at the video: