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Over 40 students 'illuminated' in accident prevention


Contingencies and Major Incidents Planning

Today may well be the so-called 'Black Friday' but over the last two days, we delivered a number of training sessions to Backstage Academy students in just how to avoid the unpleasant. 

Over 40 students are now aware of the issues to look for when planning live events to avoid emergencies and major incidents. Having undertaken The Safety Organisation's Introduction Contingencies and Major Incidents training / seminar, they now understand how accident prevention and accident investigation can have a direct link on the creation of serious incidents. They now also understand the importance of event safety management plans and what kind of skills and health and safety professional advice might be needed or on hand. 

Once you have learned what might happen, emergency plans can be made to fit those circumstances and contingencies and major incident plans will of course be a product of those fore-thoughts.

This is one group of people who should not be crossing their fingers and hoping for the best because they now know what safety management plans and safe systems of work to have in place. They also understand just what accident investigation is about and how it can be used together with other safety at work skills to avoid major incidents. They should all now be strategic thinkers rather than reactive.

Well done - to everyone at Backstage Academy.


Would you like to receive training to help you to avoid accidents, serious incidents and major incidents - or assistance with contingency plans? We are also able to help with business recovery plans, staff working abroad, incidents abroad and other similar emergencies.

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