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IOSH Managing Safely Training - Your questions - Our Answers.

Yes, safety is my business (my staff are trained in health and safety - but am I trained to manage it?)

We are often contacted by organisations with various questions regarding the IOSH Managing Safely Training. Our latest blog post covers the most frequently asked questions regarding this worldwide accepted qualification.


What is IOSH?

IOSH or the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health are widely accepted as one of Europe's leading Health & Safety awarding bodies. Their aim is to raise standards across all industries when it comes to health and safety, promoting accredited training courses, such as the IOSH Managing Safely training course, and general workplace code of conduct. 

Why is IOSH Managing Safely Training right for me?

The IOSH Managing Safely Training course is perfect for companies and individuals looking to obtain a better understanding of their managerial responsibility when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

The course is considered as IOSH's lead health and safety training course, designed specifically for managers and team supervisors in all business sectors, whilst also being applicable to company directors and health & safety officers.

What are the benefits of IOSH Managing Safely Training to us?

Obtaining this certification enables managers and supervisors at organisations in all sectors to get up to speed with the practical health and safety actions that they need to implement within the workplace and team, providing an in-depth understanding of health, safety and environmental management systems and the resulting business benefits they will yield from this. 

The course reaches beyond hazard and injury prevention, but how a company manager might harness the advantages of a safer, more efficient, happy and therefore more profitable business.

What essential skills and knowledge will the IOSH Managing Safely Training give me

The course covers the potential consequences of failing to manage health and safety properly within the workplace, addressing the legal and financial repercussions, including many you may not know of. We address the importance of ensuring that health and safety law is obeyed within the workplace. Where possible, we give examples of actual incidents and prosecutions, addressing the following:

  • Principles of Management
  • Health and Safety Law
  • Accident Causation and Prevention
  • Risk Assessment and Control
  • Monitoring Safety Performance
  • Human Factors and Communications
  • Occupational Health Hazards
  • Machinery Safeguarding
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Manual and Mechanical Handling

To help busy managers and supervisors to learn, our course is structured - it is broken down into 8 core areas:

  • Introduction 
  • Assessing Risks
  • Controlling Risks
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance
  • Protecting our environment

To help you further, we can also cover subjects that are completely bespoke to a specific company or industry.

How are you assessed?

To complete the course and achieve certification, student must undertake a short knowledge test and a work place based risk assessment.

How long is the course?

The IOSH Managing Safely Training is typically delivered over a 4 day period, but we can be flexible, based upon the need that students must attend 24 hours of training. 

Who provides the training?

One of our work-place experienced, fully qualified and accredited tutors will undertake the course and final examination, either at your place of work, or at one of our training centres. The Safety Organisation Ltd provide health and safety training across the UK. 

Are you due a refresher course?

The IOSH Managing Safely certificate does not have an expiry date however IOSH recommend that candidates undergo a refresher course every five years.

How can you book your IOSH Managing Safely Course?

You can book your IOSH Managing Safely Training course today by calling us on 0800 111 4207, or contacting us here...