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Is scalping ‘on the up’?

Wow, what a busy summer, following an equally busy winter. So what do we have to tell you?

Change in law.

Probably for the better I think. It is almost certain that from the 1st October 2013, some changes to the law relating to recording and reporting accidents and incidents, commonly known as RIDDOR will take effect. The changes are intended to simplify the systems and are reported to be likely to save businesses in the UK £millions each year. A new reportable injury will be that of SCALPING. That is where people receive hospital treatment as a result of having their hair AND skin torn from the head. I have not seen the statistics but this  would seem to be of a concern due to increases of incidents. There are some gruesome images conjured up here.

Want to know more, you can download a  free gopy of the guidelines for this draft legislation from the HSE web site at 

After safety passports, what next?

ms-bookA very noticeable development since we started to deliver IOSH Managing Safely training to managers and supervisors is that the quality of planning for works, on site safety management and awareness appears to have improved massively by those (MS Trained) organisations. This awareness is being spread from management and supervisory levels, in all directions of the organisation and beyond.

Clients also speak of reduced insurance premiums, which is a nice spin-off. We ourselves have noticed that staff seem more comfortable with safe systems and work is better organised. This is entirely thanks to the students. Well done.
Our clients are far more able to manage their own health and safety systems, thus to become or stay legal and they know when to ask for help.   There is no doubt that whether you are an events manager, supervisor or in a similar position in any work place, IOSH Managing Safely is clearly the next level for student development after technical basic level (level 2 / safety passports).

So what is next for us?

Much more of Europe,  definitely more training sessions and lots oft factor 50 I think.