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Is vulnerability good? As a general question, normally the answer to this is a resounding NO!

But with health and safety at work, where recognising where you are vulnerable, people are exposed to harm, looking for vulnerability is a great quality. 

The talent then, to make yourself strong is an art. Four words sum up how to work with vulnerability:-

PLAN - recognise vulnerability and create a plan to sufficiently and effectively deal with it

DO - put your plan into operation

CHECK - did it work? If not, or if not effectively, PLAN AGAIN

ACT - Put your amended plan into action again.

These four words are the key to health and safety management systems and form the heart of how any organisation will operate. The common mistake is along the lines of, "I have a policy"." I have risk assessments". 'My staff are trained". This is often the view of people who might have made it half way through the process.  They are vulnerable but don't recognise it. The skill is to make it the whole way throught and to remain there. To do that, you must recognise vulnerability and understand WHY?.

We can help you with this, whatever your work area and we can support your workers, supervisors and managers by way of guidance, help with systems or training. To help us to help you, all you have to do is take that first step and make contact.