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Kiwi Cube event at Canary Wharf

We are delighted that despite all that the February, winter weather could throw at the Kiwi Cube, promotional event last week, it was obviously a great success.

Our involvement was to work directly with DesignScene Limited, who were the event production team, who in turn were working with Ogilvy Action ( the brand activation arm of Ogilvy & Mather UK), who commissioned the event on the behalf of their client, Kiwi Care.

Our task was to devise and to write up all of the safety management systems for this very high profile promotion, which took place right in the heart of Canary Wharf, London, at the exit from the rail station.

Special considerations had to be made to ensure that the tone of the area was maintained whilst keeping everyone safe. This aspect does not look complicated when you view the video but key priorities were pedestrian safety, fire safety, protecting people from the effects of the weather and of course protecting against environmental incidents (spillages from generators etc).

As you can see, all went well and this rather quirky promotion appeared to be a hit with passers-by.


The photo at the top of this item is that of a tin straight from our cupboard. Parade Gloss. Can’t beat it!