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Manual Handling - a new way of thinking

Have you ever thought of the effects of manual handling on your body or just simply of how your body moves?

It is interesting to learn that the way we have been taught manual handling, when compared to the safest ways to move our body or to prepare it for a handling task, they do not always compliment each other. 

As an essential part of preparing to deliver Level 2, Manual Handling for the CIEH qualification, it is essential to actually undergo part 2 of the course; the actual practice as a student. I can honestly say that it was a revealation of a series of principles and systems which I had never considered. Once one puts the new system into practice, it is really obvious that they are much 'kinder' to the body.

The course was designed by ergonomics expert and includes a series of 7 practical experiences which put the theories into practice.

My fellow students, all experienced health and safety trainers and practitioners, were amazed and impressed at the simplicity of the course. 

The downside? Yes there was a downside. We now have to rid ourselves of the terrible habits of what we had thought were good practice but which are (clearly) not.