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New Team Member - Crisis Management & Business Continuity

contingency plans

In this news blog, we are proud to tell you about our new team member.

Mike Schofield, an old and respected friend has joined us as our specialist Associate, focusing on crisis, contingency and business continuity management. 

 To have Mike on board is quite a coup, given his very specialist skills and his already busy life.

Mike served for 30 years with Greater Manchester Police, having a varied and distinguished career. Like Kevin, (at a different time) he also held the post of Inspector responsible for events policing in Central Manchester. 

Mike went on to become the head of GMP's Emergency Planning Team, specialising on working with other emergency services in emergency planning, crisis management and business continuity.  His role included the development of appropriate contingency plans aimed at minimising or mitigating the impact of any incident.

Mike has a rare quality and skill in emergency and crisis planning. These skills are essential for any strategies for  business resilience and for effectively dealing with difficult circumstances should a business becomes involved or located in any emergency or major incident. These might include floods (and other natural hazards), chemical incidents, explosions, terrorism, major crimes and combinations of factors which might interrupt or place unusual burdens on businesses. Experience has shown time and again, that those businesses with pre-thought-out back up plans, survive the ‘ride’ better and ‘fitter’ than those without. 

As well as being one of our Associates, Mike still works in post retirement capacity with GMP in this in this role, so his skills are as sharp as ever.

Have you spotted and gaps in your organisation’s ability to react to or recover from any type of (potential) untoward or serious incidents, please let us know. We will be delighted to help you. Please call us on 0800 111 4207 or contact us here.