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THINK AND QUESTION - A Different approach to safety and health management



I often read lots of management tips. Tips about promoting the company, making and impression, how to network and lots more. But given the importance of the safety and health of people who are working or others who might be harmed in some way, I find it really strange that this subject is not regarded as being ‘sexy’ in management forums. I just don't see people telling everyone how to best keep their staff safe. How to stay legal. How to avoid compensation. How to have a great reputation for caring. The extent that a company will go to, to keep people safe and healthy. The reality is that you probably need to visit H & S specialist sites and discussions to find anything which is not berating of the subject in some way. Do you not think that this is very strange, given that since the introduction of H & S laws in most English speaking states about 40 years ago, the numbers of people who die or are injured at work has reduced by several factors? 

I recently read a series of 10 great management tips and one of them ‘struck a chord’ with me, so I decided to follow this through but concentrating on using only management type questions in relation to H & S considerations. The tip was, THINK AND QUESTION. This is exactly what I did in relation to the question itself but I applied my thoughts to the subject of H & S Management of any business ... how should we think and ask questions of it?

Rather than writing a narrative, I did what I most enjoy in these circumstances, which is to compose a ‘mind-map’. This is a list of just some of the items I thought of over about 15 minutes of jotting down thoughts. There are lots of others, equally important. You may come up with your own.  Why not have a look. You can work your own way out from the centre in whichever directions suit you best. I hope that you find it of use.

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