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New training courses added

We were recently asked by clients to develop and deliver two non-accredited courses, which were not currently part of our 'menu'.

One was basic skills as a banksman (driver's assistance) and the second was an introduction to premises licences.

The banksman course included (and more)  the laws as to why driver-assistants are needed, suitable personal protective equipment, identification of hazards, approved hand signals and some practical experience to re-enforce and provide confidence. The students appreciated the need to assess and react to each and every circumstance for assisted vehicle movements, which up to that point had not been taking place.

The premises licence was for students who will work in an events environment. This provides the learner with the knowledge of all of the key principles of licensing and how everyone working at licensed venue has their key role in achieving the necessary goals to remain on the right side of the law. The important success of this course was that students seemed surprised to learn that this law extends way beyond work involving the sale and consumption of alcohol.