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Do you need to know the difference?

Firstly, just to set the record straight, this is not a blog intending to be disrespectful to chauffeurs. They too are skilled at what they do. 



There is a quite old story where an expert and their chauffeur trade places. The location is normally that of a lecture. Because the driver has heard the boss's presentation many times before, he asks to deliver it himself. This goes ahead and is fine until he is asked a question, upon which he skillfully plays it down by saying, "this is such a simple question, my driver here will answer it".

 Here is the point, just about anyone can deliver 'a script', but you need an expert to teach it, practice the skills and interpret the knowledge when necessary. 

 So from now on, please bear in mind; you should check on the knowledge, skills and experience of those you engage.


Here at The Safety Organisation, we promote our competence in occupational safety and health all over this web-site. We are very knowledgable, skilled and practiced in what we do. And what we do is to provide you with a brilliant level of service as occupational safety, health and welfare professionals but in a very personable way. Please get in touch for your training, events and workplace needs. We will be delighted to help you (not just work from a script).