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Event Professionals

Do you know about the conference about the competence of safety and health 'professionals' in London, on 17th Nov 15?

No? Then please have a look at the details above and check out what this is about in our account below or at…/live-events-safety-and-competence-

A key element of this conference is to discuss the present situation and the future of events specialising occupational safety and health practitioners.

As well as there being some terrific practitioners, organisers and venues out there, this is not always the case in whole or in part.

Some so-called health and safety advisors are currently quite scary in their lack of provable competence which is accepted by some venues and organisers alike.

Why is this?

Maybe this is because only introductory levels of qualifications only are sought by many venues and organisers alike because they genuinely believe that what they require is right. This is often reflected low fees by those with lower provable competence levels. It is worrying to consider how practitioners with such low fees can also pay for insurances, membership of professional bodies such as IOSH, IIRSM, CIEH (and others). Then there is the need for continued professional development and other absolute essentials necessary to providing a suitable level of knowledge and skills. Like most good things in life, they don't come cheap or without lots of effort.

This explains why, when competent occupational safety and health professionals encounter unsafe / non-compliant work practices those undertaking the work (probably truthfully) say, 'well I have been doing this for years and nobody has ever challenged it before.'

Everyone has a stake in this, venues are responsible for what happens on their property, organisers and producers are responsible for all phases (planning, operation, checks and improvements) and workers for their safety and those of people who might be affected by their work. It is not enough for them to say that they have employed someone with the right qualification, perhaps even for just part of the processes such as build and break-down. That is not a 'get-out-of-jail-card'. What is needed is for all phases to be thought out, planned and operated and for the right records to be in place. To do this, a high level of competence is required. That means learning, development of skills and practice.

Good indicators of competence are where Practitioners promote their competences and make public what qualifications they have, make their experiences known and provide you with full details of terms, conditions, codes of practice, CPD, indemnity insurances and lots more

So please, go along to the conference or at least support it by letting everyone know about it to promote good practice and to help make the conference a success.

Have a look around this web site to see lots of examples of proofs of competence including, meet the team, case studies and lots more. To make contact with The Safety Organisation for help, advice and servics just follow the links or make the call.