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How well do you sustain? (ISO20121)

Sustainability, in all its senses used to be ‘flavour of the day’ but seems to have become lower profile recently, which is a great shame for us all.

Thank goodness a team of people, headed up by Crewsaders (event crew providers)  have got together to promote the need to keep this issue as a priority. They have produced a video which van be viewed on YouTube in which they provide some practical examples of what can be done with just a little effort to avoid the use of resources, how to re-use, recycle and keep great relationships with clients.

Hats off to all involved. For our part, we are mainly office based but by working from our homes and having great communications, especially video conferencing, avoidance of printing etc, we reduce lots of extra on-costs/uses of energy and we always try to use public transport or ‘double up’ to save road fuel.

In addition, we offer a service to deliver the CIEH level 2 course, Environmental Principles and Best Practice, designed mainly for those who run or manage organisations.


Have a look at the video:

Business Interruption due to emergencies

The severe weather we are currently having in the UK (rain causing flooding) is a tragedy for many, causing great upset and financial loss.

For businesses, without pre-existing plans for interruptions, this can wipe them out, even if insured.

It is really important to have business continuity (emergency plans) in place, which as far as is reasonable, cover lots of circumstances such as floods, fire and other critical interruptions.

We have a member of our team who is an expert in such matters, having worked for one of the emergency services as an emergency planner in a major English city.


So, if you need to update your plans or create them from scratch, why not drop us a line?

(Live Events) Safety Passport Course at the Fabulous Backstage Academy

Want to do some essential health and safety training at a really prestigious site where top arena tours are rehearsed and the home of the famous Backstage Academy?

Why not join us in Yorkshire on the 24th October 2012?


Speak to Sara on 01977 659880 for more information

Fire safety – too hot to manage?

This comment was prompted by a recent conversation with a friend who has business premises and by recollections of many other similar conversations.

It is amazing how many people in business do not realise that each and every business premise must have fire safety arrangements, management systems, frequent checks and stringent records to make sure that all is and remains safe.

Reasons given for not doing include, costs, low risk of getting caught, lack of awareness of requirements and severity of punishments.

From our point of view this is really very scary stuff; risking life and massive fines and, in extreme cases, prison.


If you do need any help or support, we are qualified and experienced in fire safety issues, so why not make contact and let’s get things moving now.

Gymkhana Drift Event – Oschersleben Germany

Jim Campbell of The Safety Organisation Ltd (TSO) has returned from the Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben Germany where this weekend he worked on the safety aspects of Round 3 of the Monster Energy Gymkhana Drift Event.

The event climax was a fantastically close run thing with the final going right down to the wire.  The quality of the cars and drivers was exceptional throughout.  Up for grabs for the winner is the opportunity to compete against Ken Block at Santa Pod in October. 

Another reward for the spectators as well as the quality of the competition was the exciting demonstration driving of Butsy Butler who never fails to impress the crowd with his drifting skills.   

For us at TSO the great thing to report is that everyone involved in the day, drivers/event staff/spectators all left the event in the same way they arrived (Safely).  Although you could maybe tell that some had sampled a fair bit of the local German beer.


Next up for us is Round 4 in Holland at the Circuit Park Zandvoort this weekend.  We hope to see you there.

TSO Safety Services at the Monster Gymkhana feature at Silverstone Circuit

Following our safety services and advice, after a very safe event at the latest Monster Energy Gymkhana Drift feature at Silverstone Race Circuit last weekend, we waited for ages for our trophies until the damned cleaners made us move! We expect that they will probably mail them to us.

This was the UK heat, following on from France, with Germany and Holland to come. The finals will be at Santa Pod in October, when winners will get to compete against Ken Block. Monster Energy feature was a major part of the Trax Performance Car event, organised by Future Events.

And, what an exciting event! I have no idea how many thousands of people were there but the queues to get in started before 6am and the trafffic jams afterwards on the dual carriageways lasted for hours. Our spectators and drivers remained safe throughout and were also entertained by the stunt drivers, expert drift driver (‘Butsy’ Butler) and a certain well known now-man-band celebrity motor sports enthusiast from Ireland


Well done Monster Events and Future Events.

Short tour of what we do

Each picture is said to speak a thousand words. I don’t know who said that but it does make a great deal of sense.

So with that in mind, to help visitors to understand the types of events that we help our clients to remain safe and legal with, we have put together a short ‘tube’ style video. It is only 1 minute and 12 seconds and is simply some photographs, accompanied by a few words.

Adverse weather incident (with You Tube link)

All of our written safety management systems include a reference to weather. It is a standard inclusion and we make no separation in this principal, even for indoor events as adverse weather can affect journeys, arrival times as well as external conditions which might have a bearing on safety.

We recently (June 2012) worked with MONSTER EVENTS (the events wing of the energy drinks people) at a motor sports event in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The site is adjacent to the remnants of former volcanos (mountains) and as such, it is reasonable to expect ‘a cloud dump’ (serious rain) during late afternoons in summer.

What happened was actually more serious than that. First it was electrical storm, accompanied by torrential rain which created several inches of standing water over the area, quickly followed by hail, some 2.5 cm diameter and some of the hail was conjoined (up to 3 stuck together). It killed birds in flight and created massively expensive damage to the bodywork of vehicles.

What is the point of this anecdote? Well, all agreed, planned and documented safety arrangements fell smoothly into place. Firstly, as a team, we stopped the motor sport, then people took cover under shelters which were (electrically) earthed and also protected them from the hail. We must confess though, we did not anticipate such monumental hail ‘stones’ and this did not feature in up to the minute local forecasts which we were following closely.

The event had to be abandoned for the day but our clients did a terrific job in providing music and free MONSTER ENERGY drinks for those still about. The event resumed the following day after quite a lot of work in removing large pools of standing water from the track.


What did it look like? You might like to check out a short video on You Tube.

Safety Passport Courses – Availability

spa-logo1-300x139We are presenting safety passport courses, as below during July and August 2012.

There is an availability of places at the moment on each course. As the courses are limited to 20 people, they are likely to be snapped up fairly quickly.

25th and 26th July 2012 (Core, 3 years valid course) Location, DBN LIGHTING, Ardwick, Manchester Contact, either ourselves or Nigel Walker at DBN, Tel, 0161 273 4297 Price upon request.

August 22nd 2012 (Live Events, 5 years valid course) Location, Backstage Academy, South Kirkby, Yorkshire Contact, either ourselves or Sara Gleadhall at Backstage Academy, tel, 01977 659 880 Price upon request.

An example of continual risk assessing – fatal stabbing at care home

A county NHS Trust and the owner of a former care home have been found guilty of safety failings following the fatal stabbing of a care worker at a private residential care home in the south of England.

The care worker, a lady aged 55, was attacked her with a knife from a kitchen by a resident of the home who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The staff had no expertise or training for dealing with people with this disorder, or for managing violent or aggressive behaviour.

After the hearing, the HSE Inspector involved in the case said: “This was a tragic incident that left a family without a wife, mother and grandmother. No-one expects to go to work and never return home”….”Care homes have a duty not only to protect the safety of their residents but their staff as well…. The NHS Trust failed to adequately assess the risks that were posed to staff”…

Sentencing has not yet taken place in respect of this prosecution.

The point of using this case study here is to illustrate that the systems for assessments of risk of safety and health issues is a minute-to-minute one – irrespective of circumstances. That does not mean masses of administration but it does mean being alert to changing situations, reacting to them and devising/implementing and continually re-assessing systems, plans, training and competence.

Perhaps you have your own example of how you have undertaken short-notice risk assessments and have changed practices or policies with great effect?

What after risk assessments?

A popular mis-belief is that if work is risk assessed and documented, the job is done. That is it. All is well.

The reality is that a risk assessment is the starting point. It is a moment in time. It does not sufficiently deal with the who, why, what, when, where  and how elements of good practice. In short, it is just one of the arsenal of ‘weapons’ we use to manage health and safety in the workplace. It need not be a ‘heavy’ task but work to follow on from a risk assessment is just part of the management systems and it is ongoing.

So, what is it that should be done? Well I think that the easiest way to answer this is to refer to a very easy to read guide, commonly known as HSG65. Once again, it is free to download and contains easy diagrams and critical themes to follow. For instance, the need for strong communications, good training etc. The book is split into 5 key sections

  • effective policies
  • organising
  • planning/implementing
  • auditing
  • reviewing
  • Having taken this in, it is very apparent that risk assessments are just a small part of the system for a safer and healthier workplace. It is great for morale, quality of work and for a safe and reputable business.

Need any further advice or training? Please contact us via the details or links on the web site.