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Purple Guide Now Available Online

A resounding HOORAY!

The long overdue re-vamp has now been published but this time in an 'e' version. That is the good news. The cost though is £25 - whereas the previous version was (in later life) free to download. We do not think that the £25 yearly subscription is too much to ask, especially as the document will be kept up to date. 

You could of course pull all of the information together yourself for free. But then you would need to read it and interpret it, applying experience and skills. I suspect that this might take rather a long time and considerable effort. 

Please remember that this is a guide. It is a starting point. It takes you in the directions you need to go and does not replace competence. This 'roadmap' will take you to 'the doors' of what you need to do but no/little further. It is then for the reader to undertake the next stages and to get help when needed.

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