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Re-cycling to work. Time to get on your bike!

As many of you will know, health, safety and welfare are a big part, though by no means the only part of the ‘joined-up’ approach to well thought out company management. There is also the matter of equality and environmental management.

Here is a great idea which ties together several important elements, which will be great for the environment and the health of your work-team.

You may well have thought of encouraging cycling, but have you thought of re-cycling cycles as a part of that strategy. Far better to re-use than throw away older cycles and some of them are really cool.

Some councils here are providing bikes for hire (‘Boris-bikes) and many are providing safe storage near to commercial areas, bike-hubs , cycle-ways and the like. The government is also promoting tax free benefits of cycling to work. ( Government Cycle to Work Scheme )

To pick up again on the re-cycling of cycles, you might want to have a look at this great idea which is being pioneered where Geoff Williams is seeking out old bikes, renovating them and selling them at what seems like brilliant prices for bikes which are virtually restored to new conditions. Example of renovated (folding) bike

Remember that we also offer environmental management as a training option for you. For more details click this link to training page