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IFSEC FIRE newsletter today (14 Noc 2015)  publishes an article of a report into the deaths of a family whilst on holiday in Corfu in 2006. 

The Coroner, David Hinchliffe  calls for an EU wide safety standard to prevent further tragedies, saying "There is a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken." 

The circumstances are that the death occurred due to a faulty boiler and that the holiday company, a very well know and perhaps the best established brand, had breached it's dut of care. It is also reported that since then a further 43 holdaymakers have died due to the same cause, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING. 

ABTA and the Federation of Tour Operators calls for "safety checks by qualified health and safety specialists rather than "often inexperienced and overworked tour reps." 

They also call for campaigns encouraging holidaymakers to take CO1 detector/alarms with them on holiday and information brochures advising of the dangers of CO1 poisoning. 

If you are a travel company and wish to have competent safety, health and wellbeing support, please contact us via any of the methods on this web site. We are friendly and we will be pleased to tell you how we can help you.carbon monoxide advice