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Planning for Summer Events

Planning for summer; concerts, carnivals/processions, commercial events and charity events.


This is the right time to consider what assistance you require with your licence, permissions or Safety Advisory Group compliances.

Here at the Safety Organisation we have a specialist team to help you with your plans, meetings, writing. As you will be aware you need to cover many areas and for events such as these, they cannot be left to chance. You might like to consider now whether you have the time and expertise (competence - a term in law meaning learning, skills and experience) or whether you are better in being helped by people with high level qualifications and masses of experience.

Whilst you are here, why not have a look around the rest of our site to see who we are (about us) and perhaps look at some case studies. You will have already noticed that we publish lots of news items to help keep people informed and aware. This is where you can find out a little more about legal issues or perhaps visit our information page, where you will see a list of recurring relevant laws and guidelines to be followed for many events. 

Please feel free to contact us for advice as to how we can help you.