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Afraid of Being Sued for Performing a Good Deed? - Fear Not; Sarah is on the way!

It is a sad fact that many people are afraid to help people in difficulty because of a fear of being sued, should things 'go wrong'. I know people who are afraid to offer first aid in their workplace and will not put themselves forward for this role for this reason. Especially those of the workforce who have contact with the public.

To help allay concerns, a Bill is to be put before Parliament which has become known as SARaH. The Social Action Responsibility and Heroism Bill.

The intent is to stop people facing a lawsuit for negligence if something goes wrong. 

If successful, the Bill should become law in 2015.

What do we think? We think that this is terrific move towards enabling common sense to prevail and enable people to do what comes natural to members of any community - help others. What a shame though that we need a law to do this. 



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