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Successful tendering tips

Congratulations on a job well done

We have noticed in recent times, just how health, safety, welfare, equality and environmental management awareness and action has improved for workplaces and with events management (we will shorten this to HSW for the rest of this blog). Everyone concerned should give themselves a ‘pat on the back’ for work well done.
So what more advice can we give to help make this  really essential topic develop for those who have started to process or happen, for those who have yet to make sufficient progress?

Do you include time and budgets for HSW?

Many organisations now ‘get’ the need for a safe workplace and environment but they don’t yet ‘get’ the need for sufficient time, budgets and resources and the need to be open about this ‘hidden’ overhead, especially if it is part of a competitive contracted service. A ‘safe’ job, well done will always remain low profile in this respect. People will always see how good or how bad the commercial product is but often they will may not see and often may take for granted how safely produced it was.  For the ‘person with the purse’, it may from time to time appear to be difficult to justify the costs of planning, resources and time invested in this process. Compare this with the work which goes wrong; the fire, the fall, the spillage and so-on. What is the financial cost? Cost of loss of reputation? Cost of litigation and so-on? With hind-sight, H.S.W. planning is really easy to justify.

How can you make your tender bid more likely to succeed?

Many organisations are fearful, particularly when tendering for work that the extra costs for HSW (etc) will make them less competitive. Our view is of course, that it makes them more competitive. Our view is that a supplier who cares for their clients, for the workforce, for the environment, for people and for quality, is more likely to be hired by a caring customer, who won’t allow unsafe activity to get in the way of profits and reputation.

How important is HSW to your tender?

Health and Safety and how it is to be managed should be a big part of any tendering exercise.  It is required by law for the work to be undertaken so why would anyone not include it in their tender submission? You should always be expected to demonstrate in a tender exercise that you have the competence and capacity to deliver the project while meeting your legal obligations and protecting the reputations of both yourselves and your potential clients. You should say so, loudly and clearly in terms of exactly how you will do this, why you are doing it and describe the advantages to the client.

What now?

We at TSO have the experience and knowledge to help with fulfilling this element of your  tendering process.  We can also help you to develop sound safety management systems and deliver staff training prior to taking on any newly tendered for projects.


For an informal discussion about how we might be able to help, you can either email us or ring us. We look forward to hearing from you.