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Thank you to French people

We have had a number of reasons to work in France in recent years and we have always thought that the French people are terrific. They have always been open, friendly and kind.

We have just returned from 2 days of business meetings in Paris and the opinions have not just been confirmed, they have been massively magnified.

Staff in cafes and restaurants went out of their way to be helpful and friendly. Brilliant service and the food…..Mmmm – as ever. People we met in business could not do enough for us and the best bit; My wallet fell out of my coat pocket whilst being dropped off at the airport, by taxi. I did not realise until it had driven off. The wallet contained just about everything I need to get on with my life and I was seriously worried. We spoke to another driver, who was able to track down the taxi by a serial number on my receipt and make contact with him via the licensing and radio control systems. The original driver had finished for the day and was home by the time he got the message but he came back to the airport right away.  The wallet was there on the back seat, untouched and totally in order. He was delighted to have helped us, as was the other driver.


So, a massive “merci” to the French. We are impressed!!!