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Too tired to be literate?

5280437-a-tired-construction-worker-wiped-his-headIt is a little while since we last updated our blog but this is not too surprising, given how busy we have been recently. My co-director Jim, is beavering away at an event in mid-France right now and I have been both writing safety management documents and travelling to deliver quite a few training sessions; Which leads nicely into the subject for this blog.

I thought you might like to hear of two current topics we now include within the body of our training sessions.

The first subject is that of fatigue and accidents in the event industry. This is based upon an article recently published in the Total ProductionInternational Magazine (TPI) which is based upon a piece of research undertaken by a fellow H & S Advisor, James Cobb, in conjunction with the Production Services Association (PSA). In short, there are some pretty alarming statistics mentioned, which are not too surprising given the relationship between lack of sleep and a reduction in performance which is similar to the effects of alcohol. You would not consider drink-driving as being acceptable – so why would anyone consider ‘fatigue-work’ to be ok? Something to think about!

Screen-Shot-2013-05-16-at-17.03.31The other subject I talk about now is that of ‘risk literacy’. This is a nice way of describing the exact opposite of ‘risk illiteracy’. The latter can be illustrated by the recent howlers such as banning triangular shaped confectionary which had been baked by school children because they might injure someone in a food-fight. There are many other examples of health-and-safety-gone-mad. We want to join the growing number supporters of risk literacy to help people to find what is reasonable, suitable and sufficient to cover off hazards in the workplace without being laughed at, maybe due to good intent but poor risk-literacy.

That is it for now. Hopefully I will be able to write something helpful again in the near future but we do enjoy being busy too.

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