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Top Christmas Tree Safety Tips

It can take less than 1 minute from the point of start of a Christmas tree fire for a whole room to become an inferno and about a further 10 minutes for a whole house to be burning.

Here is that first minute courtesy of City of Roseville, Minnesota, – scary!

I think that by now, most people know or have heard of all of the usual Christmas Tree safety advice. But is there any problem in keeping them at the front of our minds? 

Top Christmas tree fire safety tips

  1. Keep away from heat source and especially candles – on or near to your tree.
  2. Take care with your tree electrics -
    Frayed wires
    Damaged or worn cable insulation
    Damaged plugs
    Overwound or kinked wires (build up heat due to electrical resistance)
    Don’t overload your cable extension  with too many appliances
    Don’t leave your tree unattended with lights left on
    If you use a water container to help to keep the tree moist, take care to keep wires well out of the way
  3. Real trees will ignite and burn more quickly as they dry out, so more care is needed 
  4.  If you have a real tree, don’t try to use it, or branches as fuel in a wood burning stove

How to best get rid of (natural) Christmas trees

Many UK councils have a re-cycling service after Christmas for disposing of trees and some councils (such as ours) actually generate income from bio-waste. So if yours isn’t a planted/growing tree, you might want to look up how to best get rid of the tree when the time comes.

 Relax and stay safe. You deserve it.