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True risk management - use your opportunities


You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together. – Earl Nightingale


We look to remove risks from work activities - that is the law after all. But all of life's necessities involve risk. Even to stay in bed involves risk. Making a cup of tea involves risk. So let's embrace risks, manage them and live!

The important thing is to confront hazards and the attached risks by use of care and control. My hobbies (amongst many) have involved mountaineering, pot holing and do still include scuba diving. My party-piece is fire breathing. In fact, the very well trained, experienced and equipped mountaineer above is me. I hasten to add that I have passed that peak, in more senses than one.

The important questions to ask yourself, in relation to any risks are; how to approach them and what suitable and sufficient systems you might need to put into place?   The skills to acheive acceptable answers are often quite low (if your risk levels are low) and always relate to having competences in assessing and actively managing the risks. The rest can be easy and hopefully, fun.

The same goes for running a business or organising an event. You need to identify what the potentials are for harm and then put into place a series of controls, check, improvements etc.

Do you want help to achieve true risk management and thereby improve your opportunities? You don't need to climb a mountain or learn to breathe fire but you can ask for us assistance to make you competent to manage your hazards, risks and perhaps open up some new opporunities.