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TSO Safety Services at the Monster Gymkhana feature at Silverstone Circuit

Following our safety services and advice, after a very safe event at the latest Monster Energy Gymkhana Drift feature at Silverstone Race Circuit last weekend, we waited for ages for our trophies until the damned cleaners made us move! We expect that they will probably mail them to us.

This was the UK heat, following on from France, with Germany and Holland to come. The finals will be at Santa Pod in October, when winners will get to compete against Ken Block. Monster Energy feature was a major part of the Trax Performance Car event, organised by Future Events.

And, what an exciting event! I have no idea how many thousands of people were there but the queues to get in started before 6am and the trafffic jams afterwards on the dual carriageways lasted for hours. Our spectators and drivers remained safe throughout and were also entertained by the stunt drivers, expert drift driver (‘Butsy’ Butler) and a certain well known now-man-band celebrity motor sports enthusiast from Ireland


Well done Monster Events and Future Events.