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Before and after implementation of visitor safety systems.

Here is an fantastic example of a company with a true desire to achieve high standards of health and safety for visors and workers alike.

As part of developing their recently aquired site, Mintech (Spares) Limited, a rapidly expanding organisation, approinted us to work with them to develop their health and safety at work provisions. Their work is mainly to 'surgically' dismantle written off BMW Minis and to sell-on just about all of the components. Their environmental credentials are already examplary, both in respect of reclaiming all materials and preventing adverse impacts. 

One of the first priorities we tackled together was that of people coming onto the site, where there are many kinds of hazards, in a positive and friendly way. Now they have a sliding gate and rising barrier system, with dual safety measures to prevent people from being struck or trapped by the devices. Visitors are then channelled via a footpath with signage and guard rails to reception, well clear of hazards.

Well done Mintech